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Electrical prototyping

Electrical prototyping

Our electrical workshop offers complete services of cabling, making of wires/harnesses, prototypes or small production runs. We also carry out realignments, wiring modifications, modifications of functions.


Our goal is to create the electrical architecture that meets your needs, for your prototypes to be validated.


We call upon trained and certified skilled workers, who take a critical approach concerning technical choices and manufacturing quality.


Our experience allows us to perform these operations on site, on the final product and under tight deadlines (competition, next-to-the-assembly-line products, restricted workshops…).


Our resources :

  • 39 configurable 6.6ft x 3.3 ft workbenches which can be adapted to the types of harnesses to be producted

  • Automated cutting and wire marking machine

  • Automated stripping and crimping machine

  • Hydropneumatic and portable power presses (sections from 7 mm² to 50 mm²)

  • Ultrasonic wire splicing station

  • Test bench to perfom continuity, breakdown voltage and insulation tests

  • 3D printer to allow us to guarantee our responsiveness in the manufacture of custom parts

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