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Engineering Office

Engineering Office

The engineering office is in charge of the engineering and the design of the wires/harnesses (electrical architecture) from start to finish, for land, sea and air transports.


This includes the study of data and power distribution in order to design optimised networks. These adjustments involves sizing the network to interconnect the devices and provide electricity to them, while guaranteeing their protection.


Our engineering office workstations are equipped with the following design softwares: CATIA V5/V6, 3D Experience (Electrical Wire Harness Installation, Flattening and Electre) and E3.series+E3.cable by ZUKEN.


Our offices are especially designed to allow direct exchange with prototyping workshops, thus ensuring optimal responsiveness.


  • Confidential means of safe exchange and videoconference
  • Drawing up of specifications meeting the clients' expectations  
  • Development of mechanical solutions
  • Product integration studies
  • 3D printing of prototyping solutions

  • Programming automatic machines
  • Designing of complete electrical architectures (control, power) including Human-Machine Interface (HMI). Sizing calculations, choice of inputs/outputs
  • Study of protections against electromagnetism, vibrations, chemical reactions and setting up of the nomenclatures required to the making of wires/harnesses


(3D printing of the designed parts)

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