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Mechanical Prototyping

Mechanical Prototyping

Mechanical prototyping is a key element in the integration of prototype solutions. It appeals to multiple skills. Techno MAP has mechanical assembly workshops that allow us to work both on subassemblies and on complete vehicles, while respecting confidentiality requested by our clients.


We work on a wide range of vehicles, from concept cars to mule cars, and on various projects, from few hours realignments to the whole management of projects lasting several months.


Our technicians are versatile and are regularly asked to perform various tasks such as model designing, mechanised welding, assembly, electricity.




Our services:

  • Metrology and engine assembly

  • Project management, including logistics, subcontracting, planning…

  • Temperature, pressure and gas-sampling instrumentation

  • Partial or total assembly of vehicles

  • Studies and mechanical design


Our resources:

  • Restricted workshops with 14 hydraulic ramps (3.5t – 4.5t)

  • Movable cubicles to separate certain projects

  • Mechanised welding workshop

  • Engine installation workshop

  • Instrumented automotive / power bench


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